“Sam has been our onsite massage therapist and DSE Assessor for over 5 years now. She is always professional, very flexible and a warm friendly person. The team always looks forward to ‘massage day’ – it’s a nice little escape from the working week. I would highly recommend Sam.”
David Williams 
Head of Marketing, Bunnyfoot, Farringdon
For many years, we have offered massages to our staff as a winter staff benefit. Sam was recommended to us several years ago and she has provided an exceptional and very reliable service every winter for the last few years.
Louise Stewart Muir
Director, Say Communications, Wimbledon
“I love Samantha! It’s so hard to find a professional therapist who can really bring the “spa feel” to my home I don’t have time to go for treatments outside of my stressful job so her service is perfect for my busy schedule. Her approach to my needs are calm, relaxed and genuine. She has the ability to really empathise which what I need from my massage and with the added practice of healing I have really noticed the difference to any other massage therapy I have had in the past. Amazing, I really do feel rebalanced!”
Sarah Keenan-Myers
“Sam comes to our offices every month and it’s the day everyone looks forward to the most without doubt! She helps everyone take the 15 minutes we all need now and again to unwind and we all feel ready to take on the world afterwards! She’s a very bright and happy lady and I’d recommend her to anyone looking to look after their people and help them unwind.”
Tim Lawrie
Projectus Consulting, London
“In a fast-paced, intense and sometimes stressful job, I have found that very few things calm a workforce like 20 mins of complete and utter relaxation. Samantha is a complete professional that everyone looks forward to seeing. For a short time, you forget everything flying around your head, and just refocus. Not only an indulgence, but of physical and mental benefit to all – I recommend with pleasure”
Chris Hunter
Ringham Hunter, London