Who are you?

I mean really, who are you? Difficult question to answer isn’t it? Who are any of us?! Why are we here? What are we here for? what is our purpose in life? Some of us are born with the gift of knowing our soul’s purpose from a young age. Some of us may spend a lifetime searching whilst for the others the beauty is in the journey of personal development itself – simply growing and being. If however, you are in the “Who am I and what is my purpose?” camp then this is where a bit of supportive soul based coaching can be your best friend on your quest.

The term ‘life-coaching’ is somewhat generic. It encompasses anything and everything life has to offer but the coaching work I do is about helping you discover who you are and your true aspirations, not what others think you “should do” or who you “should be”. We live in a society dictated by what others think or deem acceptable. When whirled up in the dreams and ambitions of others we get lost in that social-fog, swayed by opinions and judgement, losing sight of what is important to us. If you’re finding yourself stuck in a proverbial rut, going through the motions and a whole manner of other cliché’s then that’s probably because what you are doing is not in line with the essence of who you are – your soul’s purpose. Living authentically is a much more peaceful place to be but sometimes we need a bit of help in that department and that is where I can help you. Life is an ocean, sometimes the waves are gentle and sometimes they are episodic. Coaching isn’t just about riding the ocean, it’s about helping you build a better boat.

Counsel and mentor. For one thing I am not qualified to counsel but coaching isn’t counselling, it’s about establishing goals and creating a framework and plan of action to achieve them. Until you take action, a goal is just a wish.

Whilst I am a natural empath and have many life experiences of my own, they won’t be the same as yours. My way of coaching is not giving you advice based on my personal experience it’s about getting to the essence of who you are and helping you discover what really resonates with you.

Listen to and empower you. My name ‘Samantha’ means ‘Listener’ so you’ve come to the right place! Sharing what you think, feel and want will unveil so much more about who you are or who you want to be, moreover…why. If we don’t know why we want something then the meaning and value behind it becomes redundant. It’s never about the event, it’s always about the meaning. This biggest gift you can ever give to yourself is allowing yourself to get in touch with your intuition and develop new ways of thinking which will drive you forward instead of hold you back. Everyone has limiting beliefs about themselves, even if they don’t share them. The coaching process will naturally draw out any limiting beliefs you may hold about yourself and we can work on those to go from limited to limitless!

Your initial session is free.  My wise friend  and world renowned coach and author Tony J Selimi once advised me that when it comes to business, never do what you are good at for free. I am grateful for Tony’s sage wisdom as he is absolutely right and now very successful.  Initially however, I also keep inline with my own personal values of the power of human connection and the right to choice and free will. You have the right to decide whether I’m the right coach for you and vice-versa. Your personal situation may not necessarily be something I can help with. There may be another coach with a different niche who may be better for you. By having an initial consultation we can figure all that out. Coaching is a partnership and a process, not a quick fix. If you are looking for a quick fix then I am not the right coach for you.

You can book a 30 minute consultation with me to have a chat about coaching and what you want to gain from it. I don’t live in my ego when it comes to coaching or healing. If you would like to work with me that’s wonderful, if you don’t not only will I go unoffended but I will be happy that you have tapped into your intuition. If I know another coach who could help you instead I will connect you. I’d much rather you left the consultation with a clear idea of whether I am right for you or not. If you start your journey off with the wrong coach you could be in for some seasickness on that ocean!

Amazing stuff! Now you have a couple of options. You can go right ahead and book a soul-coaching programme or if you are still a little unsure, you are welcome to have a coaching taster session with me to get a feel for the process.

All coaching sessions are via telephone or face-face in my Tunbridge Wells therapy room.

30 minute coaching taster session £25

‘Chrysalis to Butterfly’ Soul-Coaching programme includes a DISC human behaviour profile. 6 sessions each lasting typically about 45 minutes but depending on the natural flow of the session this may be a few minutes either side. Sessions can be taken in your own time depending on your personal goals but 6-10 weeks is recommended. £275

Email: or call me on 07984 201982 to find out more.

Your soul’s purpose is your journey, helping you find it is mine.