Hours of Availability*

Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm Saturdays 10am – 5pm Sundays & Bank Holidays CLOSED

* Later or Sunday  appointments may be made upon request, either with myself or with one of my professional therapist associates.

About me…

Warm wishes from myself, Samantha Lynne. Advanced Reiki Practitioner, onsite health and DISC Profiling Consultant and Coach.

My journey into the world of healing began back in 2004 when I started out in aromatherapy and other massage based treatments. Over the years my soul’s path changed. I had so many interests and trained in so much that I felt like a Jill-of-all trades yet master of none. I made the decision to focus on what I was truly trying to do. What my message was. Why was I doing all this stuff? In short I want to help others, but how? By making a difference to people, unsticking them from the sticky bun of life.

On oh so many occasions I have been stuck in rut, unsure of myself or what to do. I’ve been though highs and lows just like everyone else. I am not perfect, I  have my little idiosyncrasies I have a habit of buying books faster that I can read them. I can’t work out walking directions on Google Maps and not once have I made a successful lasagna.

We all have our foibles. It really doesn’t matter to me that I cannot make a lasagna without one element going wrong. What does matter is not getting stuck into a place I feel I cannot get of, been there, done that and set up a little T-Shirt business. In turn I also care about helping others get out of their ruts too. Why? because like I say, I’ve been there and I know how unpleasant and frustrating it is. That is why I love doing what I do. I coach to help people focus on what is truly important to them. I profile to help people get a better understanding of how to communicate with others to get results. I practice Reiki to help clear out the negative energies which may be holding people back so they are in a better place to achieve what they want. The onsite work I do isn’t so much about getting people unstuck in life, that’s just my little offering of TLC in the workplace and I do that because a) it feels good to be looked after and b) I enjoy it! I have the skills and experience still and I don’t believe in giving up what I enjoy doing. I’m also pretty good at it.


8 minute radio interview with me on holistic healing


Treatments (with the exception of equine Reiki and distance healing) and coaching can be carried out in my healing room in Tunbridge Wells or I can travel to your home within a 10 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells. All appointments outside of a 10 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells are charged at an extra 45p per mile each way (not including the first 10 miles). Coaching can also be conducted over the phone.

For details on the services I provide for your UK based office or event please see my page: https://elysium-therapies.co.uk/elysium-at-work/

For offices and events travel time is covered up to 90 minutes each way per therapist. Travel costs are covered up to £10 each way per therapist. For offices and events which are outside of these areas, I am more than happy to provide a personalised quote depending on your location. Please email me at samantha@elysium-therapies.co.uk