“Nothing is so healing as the human touch”
Bobby Fischer

Perhaps the most underestimated of our five senses is the sense of touch yet it is the first we experience upon birth. Our eyes are closed, our ears do not yet recognise the sound of the outside world and our senses of taste and smell are completely alien to us. The only thing we are aware of is the warm helping hands of the person ushering us into the world.

As children we explore our environment with our hands and fingers before we fully learn to trust our eyes and ears. We use our sense of touch everyday yet society can still lead us to fear it. Smell is the most powerful of our senses but our sense of touch brings us the most comfort. It extends across our life-span from birth to adulthood. From a Mother cradling her crying child to comfort them to receiving a pat on the back for excelling in student exams. From a romantic hug with a partner to an elderly couple holding hands as they walk.

Touch is universal and it is wholesome. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, it surrounds us with thousands of nerve endings, the healing power of touch knows no bounds. When we feel safe and ready to experience healing, upon touch, the body naturally induces the hormone Oxytocin, also known as “The bonding hormone”. The effects of Oxytocin can lower blood pressure which, in turn, reduces the stress related steroid-hormone Cortisol. The lower the levels of anxiety we feel, the calmer the body and mind become, allowing us to fully experience just how powerful healing touch can be.



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