Ever fancied learning more about yourself and the people around you? Whether it’s your colleagues, your team or even your partner? Look no further than DISC. This simple yet highly effective profiling system was founded by William Moulton Marsten, founder of the polygraph and DC’s Comic’s Wonder Woman!

DISC consists of four main quadrants of human behaviour styles:


We are multi-faceted,  multi-talented beings and most of us are a blend of each quadrant equating to 25+ possible personality styles.  DISC isn’t about pigeonholing people, it’s about establishing behavioural styles and communication preferences. We all have our gifts in life, DISC establishes how and how well we use them.

Improved communication resulting in less conflict and more action
Helps you forsee and prempt problems with your team and how to manage problems
Improves sales & enhances performance
Enhances leadership and mentoring skills
Achieve personal and business goals more quickly and effectively
Learn how to inspire, encourage and motivate others by understanding their unique behavioral profile
Develop strategies and awareness to deal with a diversity of people, their communication styles and needs
Recruitment – Finding the right person for the job! (See https://elysium-therapies.co.uk/3-ways-disc-can-help-you-find-the-right-person-for-the-job/)

Completing an online DISC profile is as easy as 123. 24 questions in under 15 minutes. And you will be provided with an accurate and detailed 18 page report based on your own unique DISC personality style.

1 x DISC profile assessment and report          £70        
5 x DISC profile assessments and reports      £325     
10 x DISC profile assessments and reports   £650
With additional feedback                                  £15 per profile

If you are profiling a team and would like an extra team based report on how each of your team can communicate more effectively with each other based on their profiles this can be produced for £45
Alternatively you can book  a session (1-2 hours) for me to come and visit your team to discuss team profiles, communication and team enhancement exercises. Prices are on quotation basis depending on the size of your team and your location

For further information on how to  purchase DISC profiles please email
samantha@elysium-therapies.co.uk or phone 07984 201982

For further information on how your data is used for the purposes of DISC profiling please see our privacy policy:





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