Not an easy process is it? Trying to find that great person to fulfil your new role. Sifting through those applications, whittling down prospective candidates to interview wondering why on Earth half of them have even applied in the first place. Hours of your time and resources taken up in the search for the complete fit, Then BAM!! 3 days/weeks/months later, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out and you find yourself scratching your noggin at the arduous prospect of having to start all over again. Sigh.

I am not a Recruiter of course, but some of my clients are and this is a story I have heard on play, pause, repeat a lot over the years. I am however competently trained in DISC profiling as a consultant. For a little dip into the fundamentals of the wonderful profiling method DISC see https://elysium-therapies.co.uk/where-do-you-fit-in/

So now you have taken a sneak peak into what this fabulous little profiling model is all about, how does DISC help you and your business find your best assets i.e. your team?

The answer is tenfold but to simplify and avoid an overly lengthy article, I have chosen the top three reasons why DISC works.

1) TAILORING YOUR INTERVIEW. Being a recruiting expert, you will already have your interviewing system in place, whether it be a 1, 2 or 3+ step process. Let’s go with a 2+ step process for now and imagine you have a handful of candidates whom you would like to call back for a second interview. How do you find an additional way to tailor your second interview for that candidate? Answer, get them to complete on online DISC profile. Once completed (approx 15 mins of your candidates time) your 18 page report will give you valuable insight into your candidate and their communication preferences. You can then adopt an interview technique which will get the best out of them. Undeniably most of us suffer nerves, even the world famous Adele. Interviews are no exception. Your candidate could be just perfect for you but behind that perfect fit on paper, you see yourself facing the mouse-like nail-biter who can barely get a sentence out OR the loquacious person who appears to have no verbal filter. Nerves however are temporary and not a true indicator of how your interviewee performs everyday. Using DISC to uncover their communication style to ascertain how they respond is valuable, not only for you as an interviewer but for encouraging your candidate to shine their light – it may be a flare or it may be a flickering tealight but in itself, this will help you and them enormously.

2) TWO FOR TEA?? Imagine you are in the fortunate position whereby you have 2, 3 or even 4 great people you feel would fit your role and work perfectly in your company. Now what do you do?! *scratches head*. Rather than spend all that time deliberating, going over the people in mind and their interviews, discussing with your panel etc whilst risking furthering that bald patch emerging on your scalp from all that head scratching, Use DISC. Whether you have used the DISC profiling method at an earlier stage or choose to use it at the final hurdle, your candidates profiles could be the key to helping you decide which of them clocks in at 9am the following Monday. I’ll give you an example. Nicola is an ‘I’ style (Influencer) – Great with people, positive and motivational but can be a little on the erratic side and not a great lover of consistency. James is a ‘C’ style (Compliant) – Consistent and reliable but a bit of a perfectionist who doesn’t necessarily like to step of his comfort zone and explore new ideas. Would James, for example, fit into a company which is focused around growth and change? Questions you may need to consider.

3) IT WILL MAKE YOU A BETTER (EVEN BETTER) INTERVIEWER! DISC can be a two way process. Whilst to focus is primarily on the candidate, you can get the added benefit of understanding your own interviewing technique. By taking a DISC assessment yourself, you will know your own communication preferences when talking to to others and why your prefer a particular method of interviewing. It never hurts, only aids us to understand ourselves better. Win win!

Get in touch with me today by emailing samantha@elysium-therapies.co.uk or call me on 07984 201982 to find out how you and your prospective candidates can complete your simple and insightful online DISC profile. In the meantime, happy hunting!

Samantha Lynne

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