Find your true peace of mind
with Reiki healing.
We use organic products
to nourish & replenish your skin.
Luxury healing based manicures & pedicures
for pure rejuvenation.
Your personal chosen therapy is designed
around you and your needs.
Your treatment couch will be prepared
with silky soft fleece blankets.
Rebalancing therapies to promote
wellness and relaxation.

Welcome to Elysium Therapies

Elysium Therapies is a bespoke mobile massage and wellness therapy company offering a sense of spa-style relaxation and luxury holistic treatments in the comfort and convenience of your own home, or other preferred location.

Elysium Therapies is all about you, the client: your feelings, your needs, your expectations from your treatment at that particular time. You may need to de-stress after a long, difficult week or want to feel re-energised to begin the next. My objective is to fulfill those requirements. All my treatments have been developed through years of practising as a therapist in both massage and healing and I now harmonise the two, creating bespoke rebalancing therapies to promote feelings of relaxation and wellness.

Your personal chosen therapy is designed specifically around you and your needs. You choose your music, your oils and pace of treatment, which is why I dedicate the first 10 minutes of your appointment to finding out precisely what you hope to gain from it. It is very important that I know of any specific concerns or ailments during this time and you will therefore be asked to complete a health screening form prior to your treatment, in order that I can help you receive the maximum benefit from it.

Once your personal choice of oils have been blended and the music and ambiance are just right for you, it is time to relax, beginning with 10-15 minutes of ‘healing touch’ to prepare the body for treatment. This is a very important part of any healing-based therapy, creating that safe space for you to just ‘let go’.

It is quite common, particularly for busy people, to find it difficult to ‘switch off’ and you may worry about not enjoying your massage, your Reiki session or your facial the way you feel you could. By providing the opportunity for you to close your eyes and just let your body and mind relax and simply ‘be’ through my initial welcome healing touch, I can help you eliminate all those worries, all those concerns, and the body will naturally prepare itself for a wonderful, healing treatment which you can enjoy, both physically and mentally.

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  • “Samantha comes and visits our office every month and has done for many years. It is definitely our favourite time of the month and we are always looking forward to our next visit. We wish she could be with us every day"

    Kelley Frizelle Bunnyfoot, Farringdon
  • For many years, we have offered massages to our staff as a winter staff benefit. Sam was recommended to us by a third party several years ago and she has provided an exceptional and very reliable service every winter for the last few years.

    Louise Stewart Muir Say Communications, Wimbledon